My lab is located in the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, which provides immense opportunities for interdisciplinary connections and networking for students and postdocs!

Current UW undergraduate/graduate students

  • What: Undergraduate/graduate/postdoc research positions in Data Science, Statistics, CS, Machine Learning
  • Where: Wisconsin Institute for Discovery at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (
  • Details: Opportunities in different research projects like the development of scalable methods/software for high-dimensional big genomic data, graphical models to understand interactions in microbiome data related to human or plant health, neural networks/deep learning models to predict antibiotic-resistance, website visualization tools for biological networks, among others
  • Contact: Email me your CV and use “Data Science position” in email subject

Prospective postdocs

I am interested in collaborating with postdocs with any research background: biology, computer science, statistics, mathematics from theoretical/computational work to empirical.

For people with computational biology/statistics/data science background, there are several opportunities to become involved in ongoing projects related to my research: phylogenetic networks, bayesian phylogenetic inference, high-dimensional highly-correlated regression models applied to genomic/biological data, neural networks to predict phenotypes like antibiotic-resistance, among others.

In addition, I am also excited to work with people interested in empirical research by teaming up with other faculty in the department.

In any scenario, I’d be happy to provide assistance in the application to fellowships and grants to support your own independent research agenda.

Prospective graduate students

My research is multi-disciplinary! So, I welcome graduate students interested in different programs:

  • PhD in Plant Pathology: Application deadline December 1, 2019 (email me regarding Spring admission). Application info here.
  • PhD in Statistics: Application deadline December 1, 2019 (no admissions in Spring). Application info here
  • PhD in Computer Science: Application deadline December 15, 2019 (no admissions in Spring). Application info here
  • PhD in Mathematics: Application deadline December 15, 2019 (no admissions in Spring). Application info here

Feel free to email me if you are interested in working with me and have questions regarding the application.

Even though my research is purely computational (dry lab), I am happy to co-advise students interested in empirical research, together with another professor in the department.