Selected talks


Mathematical Approaches to Evolutionary Trees and Networks: Likelihood challenges for big trees and networks, Banff International Research Station, Canada (Feb 13)


Statistics Seminar: Phylogenetic inference for Big Data pdf (Dec 14)

Instituto de Biología - UNAM: Quartet-based inference of phylogenetic networks, Mexico City, Mexico (Nov 24)

Simposio de Inferencia y Modelación Estadística: Bayesian phylogenetic inference for big data, Guanajuato, Mexico pdf (Nov 21)

Advances in the analysis of reticulate population networks: Quartet-based inference of phylogenetic networks pdf Evolution, Austin, Texas (Jun 20)

Phylogenomics symposium and software school: Quartet-based estimation of reticulate evolution pdf Evolution, Austin, Texas (Jun 16)


System Information Learning Optimization Seminar: Statistical inference of phylogenetic networks pdf (Oct 28)

Evolution Seminar Series: Statistical inference of phylogenetic networks pdf (Oct 15)

Bayesian Models and Inference: Bayesian species delimitation combining multiple genes and traits in a unified framework. pdf Joint Statistical Meetings, Seattle, Washington (Aug 11)

Inferring phylogenetic networks from quartets with maximum pseudolikelihood estimation pdf Mathematical and Computational Evolutionary Biology, Porquerolles, France (Jun 22)

The Hacker Within Short introduction on Julia pdf (Apr 24)

Advance Computing Initiative: Small tutorial on HTCondor pdf (Mar 23)

Networks seminar: Statistical inference on phylogenetic networks pdf (Mar 11)


Seminario aleatorio: El papel de la Estadística en la inferencia del árbol de la vida pdf ITAM, Mexico City, Mexico (Oct 17)