research interests

statistical inference of phylogenetics: theoretically solid, biologically realistic and computationally tractable models;

networks: phylogenetic, chemical reaction;


journal articles


Solís-Lemus C., Ané, C. 2016. PhyloNetworks: Julia package for inference and manipulation of phylogenetic networks. Submitted.

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Solís-Lemus C., L.L. Knowles and C. Ané. 2015. Bayesian species delimitation combining multiple genes and traits in a unified framework. Evolution

conference articles


Pimentel-Alarcón D., Biswas A., C. Solís-Lemus. 2017.Adversarial Principal Component Analysis. IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT) PDF.


Pimentel-Alarcón D., C. Solís-Lemus. 2016. Crime detection via crowdsourcing. 8th Mexican Conference on Pattern Recognition, Springer International PDF.


Solís-Lemus, C. (2015). Statistical methods to infer population structure with coalescence and gene flow. PhD dissertation, Department of Statistics, University of Wisconsin-Madison pdf (653k)